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PACE (Programmed Aerobic/Anaerobic/Accommodating Circuit Exercise) is a group exercise program at its best. PACE is an interval circuit program that combines a strength workout with a cardiovascular workout in a work/recover/work/recover formal. The key to PACE, just like any other group program is fun. It's more fun to work out with your friends (especially those in the same shape you are in) with an instructor to provide inspiration, motivation, etc. If members have fun, they stick with it! That is what memer retention and member referrals are all about!

Intimidation is perhaps the No.1 reason people do not join health clubs; especially the overweight, deconditioned, seniors, etc. PACE is a perfect program for these groups because with its unique hydraulic resistance, there is no skill involved, there are no weight Stacks, no sore muscles and anyone can do it- and they get results quickly! Hydraulic resistance is the only resistance that accommodates to the effort of the user; the harder, faster one pushes, the more the resistance. With hydraulic resistance, you can move to the beat of the music (fast anaerobics)- don't try this with any cther type of resistance!

PACE is not only an excellent program to help attract new members, but it can also serve äs a profit center in itself. Many clubs charge extra for PACE, especially äs a weight loss program (for example: an 8-week PACE Only membership might cost $399. - this would allow mein to attend only scheduled PACE classes). These special programs make great lead-ins into joining äs a füll Service member, personal training, etc.

Group exercise programs have proven successful in fitness centers for many years (aerobics; biking, aquatics, stepping) for a good reason- they work! Camaraderie and the social aspects of these programs are what appeal to many people ranging from seniors to kids to the ultrafit. The instructor plays a very important role in the success of a PACE program. The instructor provides supervision, motivation and inspiration. The high energy music and the group format provides the fun. PACE gives them great results and keeps them coming back.

Marketing is also a key to the success of any program. A complete turnkey marketing package is included with every PACE program (banner, art work for posters & ads, T-shirts, etc.) along with a comprehensive training package. ACE Certified Training is included in every PACE program. Our Certified Trainer will work with your fitness staff, sales people, front desk people, etc. to ensure that everyone has a good understanding of what PACE will do for their club and members.

Whatever your needs: Increased memberships. Increased member retention and referrals. Increased profits. A Jump on the competition. Or just a fun, new group program, PACE works!



Any Questions? Here's all the answers.


What is PACE?

PACE is a circuittraining program that quickly and safely changes your body shape. PACE utilizes hydraulic resistance exercise machines and energetic music to challenge each person beyond their current fitness level. PACE is fun, fast and it works. PACE is truly an incredible workout.

What do I have to gain from regulär PACE workouts?

You will look and feel better faster than ever before. You'll have fun, while quickly and safely loosing fat and gaining muscle. Your aerobic function and sports perfor-mance will improve, too.

How does PACE work?

PACE alternates upper and Iower body machines (stations). Between each mach ine is an aerobic recovery Station. To begin, choose any Station you wish and simply change stations every 30 seconds. You decide the workout pace that is right for you. Thinkof your pace in terms of walking, jogging, running or sprinting. Every 7.5 minutes, check your recovery heart rate. Match your heart rate to your desired pace.



Can anyone do PACE?

Absolutely everybody. PACE is safe and easy for any age group and fitness level.


Will l lose more fat weight doing PACE?


There are 3 ways you lose more fat with

PACE than any other 30 minute workout.

1. You burn more calories during your workout.

2. You burn more calories following your workout. (The body's metabolism stays higher longer.)

3. You will increase lean body weight. PACE training can produce lean muscle weight gains of 1/2 to 1 Ibs.per week. One pound of muscle burns about 50 calories per day more than a pound of fat.

Will l gain muscle weight doing PACE?

Yes. And, that new muscle weight will replace that old fat weight. Muscle is active tissue that burns a lot of calories and takes up less space. Many people report that after using PACE their weight doesn't change much, but all of a sudden clothes they haven't worn in ages slips right on.

"I haven't worked out in years. Won't PACE be too tough?"

No. Remember PACE automatically adapts the work load to your level of fitness. As you begin to fatigue, the resistance decreases.

Sooner or later all exercise gets boring. How's PACE any different?

First of all, it works. Exercise gets boring because often there's no reward. You'll be amazed how fast your body Starts to change. And second, PACE uses energetic music, a class format and instructors to keep you going when the going gets tough.

Why does PACE have these "in-between" stations?

These non-resistance stations work two ways. If you exercise at a walking/jogging pace while on the machines, these in-be-tween stations become aerobic stations. If you exercise at a running/sprinting pace while on the machines, they become active recovery stations. The key is to keep your arms and legs moving rhythmically at the pace you have targeted.





Are there different kinds of PACE workouts?

Yes. There are two basic programs depending on what your goals are.

1. Aerobic/Fat Loss/Muscle Gain

2. Muscle Size & Strength

I What's the difference between Program 1 and Program 2?

 Program 1 uses mach ine settings 1 & 2. Here the pace is fast. This burns calories at a very high rate, improves aerobic function and increases muscle density. Program 2 uses machine settings of 4, 5 and 6. These settings produce the greatest tension in your muscles which builds both size and strength.

How is PACE different from lifting weights?

Everybody knows that you litt weights to get strenger. But, lifting weights doesn't shed fat or improve aerobic fitness.   PACE does all three at the same time. It quickly changes the overall shape of your body by burning fat and increasing lean body weight. PACE also strengthens the most important muscle of all, your heart.

I Is PACE really as safe as everyone says?

Yes. Not only is the resistance safe for your joints and muscles, but the program has you monitor your heart rate every 7.5 minutes. This keeps you working at just the right pace. The only thing you should be careful of is going too fast, too soon. If you go too fast before you've become accustomed to this new kind of workout, you might get a little dizzy or queasy. If this happens, you should stop and recover fully before continuing any workout.

We're retirement age. Is PACE okay for US?

You bet. PACE is safe and fun for any age. The added upper body and Iower body strength, not to mention the cardiovascular benefit, will increase your vitality and improve your lifestyle.






Will I get sore from PACE?

No! That's one of the reasons why for almost 30 years hydraulic resistance has been predominately used in sports medicineand rehabilitation. Whatdoes cause soreness is activity like the Iowering phase of weight lifting or the rapid deceleration of the body (i.e., Sunday touch football games). It's this kind of activity that causes microscopic damage to the muscle, resulting in soreness. With PACE, you push and pull against smooth hydraulic resistance. The machines never control you like weights can. Most people report feeling a very satis-fied fatigue after a PACE workout, but the next day, there's no soreness.

How many calories can l burn using PACE?

Research has shown that a 30 minute PACE workout burns from 350 to 900 calories. Two things affect the number of calories burned.

1) The more intense the workout, the more calories burned.

2) The more lean body weight, the more calories burned.

Example:Two people exercising at the same rate; both weigh 150 pounds, but the first has ten more pounds of muscle than the second. The first person will burn more calories than the second.

What's the difference between cardio-vascular fitness and aerobic fitness?

They are the same thing. Both mean that the heart, lungs and muscles are working at a high level of efficiency. To become efficient, these body Systems are besttrained and maintained with PACE.

How is PACE different than other aerobic activities?

Aerobic activities such as walking, jogging, stair climbing, cycling, rowing, Step Reebok'M or aerobic dance are good cardiovascular exercises that burn fat. These activities, though, can place too much stress on the joints and provide no real muscle strengthening, especially for the upper body. In fact, traditional aerobic activities, if done too long, will burn lean weight-thus Iower­ing daily metabolic rate.

If l do PACE, do l still need to do stair climbers, treadmills or aerobics?

Not unless you just want to. PACE far exceeds the minimum requirements to improve aerobic function äs established by the American College of Sports Medicine. Your resting heart rate will decrease dramati-cally äs a result of regulär PACE workouts.




Can't l do PACE with weight machines and get the same results?

Notreally. Hydraulic resistance ac-commodates each user. Weights don't. With PACE, whatever energy you put into the machine, it gives you the same energy in return.

l've always been taught to lift and Iower weights slowly. PACE seems to be the exact opposite.

Right. Remember, PACE is not a weight. Speed is the key to PACE. The more speed, the more work, and the more work, the more results.

Is it inappropriate to exceed target heart rates?

No, provided you use an interval circuit format like PACE. Most fitness instructors recommend not exceed i ng the upper l i mit of training heart rate. This point of anaerobic threshold is where the body shifts from burn-ing less fat to more carbohydrates. A com-mon misconception is that the only way you can lose weight is to use fat äs a fuel source during aerobic exercise. What is forgotten is that fat is burned during the recovery phase of anaerobic exercise, too. (Have you ever seen a fat, world-class sprinter?) PACE works either way.

Isn't it easy to cheat on the hydraulics?

No easier than on any other exercise device. The music, the instructor and your friends will ensure you aren't loafing in a PACE class.

How much weight am l lifting?

You would be astounded if your total work Output was expressed in equivalent pounds. Let's suffice to say that the profuse sweat and the "exercise high" you feel is your indication that PACE gave you the best workout of your life.

I Can l get larger muscle definition using PACE?

Yes you can. If you are like most people, start with the basic aerobic/fat loss/ muscle density program. This will prepare you for progress to the muscle size and strength program.




Is PACE better than dieting?

Diets by themselves have not shown over the long run to be successful. Proper nutrition, combined with good exercise, is the best way to improve body composition and keep it that way. PACE has proven that it can burn off fat and increase your lean weight better than any other program.

If l diet and do PACE, will l lose weight faster?

Probably. Many people have lost äs much a two pounds a week without using any dramatic calorie reducing diet. Regulär exercise tends to force people to eliminate the bad calories and replace them with good calories. You should consultyour physician aboutany diet plan.


Will PACE give me a smaller waist size?

"Spot reducing" (exercising a fat area) does not work.   But take heart, PACE firms the total body, including the stomach, better and quicker than any other 30 minute work-out. With time and a little dedication, your mirror will reflectthe changes you and your self-image had hoped for.

Is there research to back up the benefits of PACE?

PACE is the result of almost 30 years of research by noted exercise physiologists and fitness experts from around the world. This research has established the credible founda-tion on which fitness clubs, aerobic Studios, hospital wellness centers, schools and corporations have builttheir successful PACE programs.

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